Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hurry up and wait

So now I'm fretting over the wait for the medical and security clearance. They aren't insignificant, and are - at this point - totally out of my control.

I'm worried about some comment an old friend might make, or some stupid thing I did as a kid that might come back to haunt me. I'm worried about a medical condition of which I am currently unaware surfacing during the medical clearance process. I've gone so far as to virtually convince myself that all this blood, sweat and toil (so far no tears) will be for naught as that One Little Thing will derail the entire process for me and I'll be out on my can, never able to qualify for the Foreign Service again.

In a way, it's much like my OA day: Long periods of stressful waiting for the inevitable short bursts of intense activity, followed by long periods of stressful waiting. It's really rather manic, and also rather maddening.


  1. I sympathize. During my clearance process, I was worried people would try to make the investigator think I was straight (out of a misguided notion that this is better than me being completely open with them) or that they would jokingly say I was a communist (anthropology department folks thought that would be funny...I did not). I worried they would talk to a bitter ex or someone else would lie about me.

    But really, the investigators are pretty reasonable and have seen a lot. If you can't think of something that would disqualify you, chances are decent that there isn't anything there.

    Best of luck. I hope you get your clearances soon and get "the call."

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