Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation

45 degrees north latitude runs through (among other places), the Twin Cities area which I have called home since 1991. We moved to Minnesota from the Milwaukee, WI area in August of 1991, and now I find myself almost exactly 20 years later, leaving everything we've built up the past two decades for the great unknown.

As of September 7, 2011, I have begun a journey of my own "six degrees of separation," as I have driven 1100 miles east, landing solo at 39 degrees north latitude in Rosslyn, Virginia (just across the river from the Washington Monument). I'll be here through some time in the summer or fall of 2012 as I prepare for my first post overseas as a newly sworn Foreign Service Officer, in the service of my country somewhere out there on the planet, and likely a whole lot more miles & lines of latitude and longitude away from my Midwestern home than I am now.

This is the story of the first leg in this journey, my trip from Bloomington, Minnesota to Washington, DC via St. Peter, MN and points in between, explained through this little movie I made (apparently I'm unable to upload the actual film, so here's the link to the YouTubes):

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