Saturday, August 16, 2014


Last year at this time I was in Minnesota amidst my first R&R from Haiti, and posted this little ditty on Facebook.

Reprised here for Version 2.0 of R&R from Haiti, minus dear old Snickerdoodle who was laid to rest after 12 great years as a member of Team Panetti, and minus the loons.  Unless you consider some Gustie swimmers I met last night.

Home / Family / My children / my puppy.

Cool, dew-laden grass / Sweet, clean air / Friends & neighbors.

Calm, quiet mornings / Coffee on my deck / Slanted sun peeking through the trees in the early morning.

Full, lush trees / My own house / Dappled shade of maples, poplars and birch.

Quiet walks in the neighborhood / Squirrels hopping and climbing and preparing for fall / Home.

The Northwoods / Velvet carpet of lush hardwood forests / Spicy, scented air of pines, spruce, hemlock and cedar.

Unimaginable quiet / Cotton candy clouds / Haunting call of the loon / Soaring, majestic flight of the American Bald Eagle.

Clean, cool, crisp northern lakes / Family lore / Town characters / Wild blueberries in abundance.

"The challenging thing becomes / not to look for miracles / but finding where there isn't one."

Wisconsin / Minnesota / America / Home.

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