Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me & Dr. Suess

It's been many moons since my faithful readers (all one of them) have heard an update from me, so here goes:

There is not much of an update. Sorry for the anti-climactic line, but it's all I got.

I took my second OA back in July, and fortunately passed again, this time with a 5.5, and once again in PD. Now I have two candidacies in PD, and while my second score was higher (score number one was a measly 5.3), it doesn't appear to be high enough to give me confidence that I'll actually get an offer. Budgetary inertia in Congress doesn't help, for A-100 class sizes seem to have shrunk for the near future, reducing my odds further.

With no real news to report, and many friends here in the Twin Cities continuing to pass the OA and get offers to A-100, I'll plan to finish out the school year (unless a miracle happens and there are 40 or so DNCs ahead of me on the PD register), and then in June take a month or so to do some intensive Russian language study so I can take the phone test and get the extra points and essentially an automatic offer next summer or early fall.

So there you have it. Recently read an email from a friend who quoted Dr. Suess:

"You can get so confused that you'll start in to race down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace and grind off for miles across weirdish wild space, headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.

The Waiting Place...for people just waiting."

Yup. That about sums it up.

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  1. Just started reading your blog. The waiting game can make you nuts. I hope things start coming through for you at some point. Also I was wondering if the photo above is yours. If so, would you mind if I include your blog in the State Dept round up this week? I think your header photo is awesome.