Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inauguration of "Web-nesday"

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the blogs of many current FSOs. Sincerely, I would be proud to (and hope to) work with every one of them, and these are people I've never met (other than through the virtual world of the blogosphere).

One of my favorite blogs is Muttering Behind the Hardline (formerly "Calling a Spade a Spade", created by No Double Standards), and one of the regular features of his blog is what he calls "Cartuesday," where he posts a current, relevant and often funny editorial cartoon dealing with the events of the day.

Taking a page from Muttering, I am instituting "Webnesday," whereupon every Wednesday that I can actually manage to remember to update this blog, I will link to a different site on those World Wide Webs.

Today's inaugural edition links to a site called Politifact, hosted by the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times, the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winning news organization. Their Fact-Checker and Truth-O-Meters are excellent journalism, in my humble opinion. Always great when debating that fanatic who won't change his mind, and won't change the subject!

Yay facts!

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