Thursday, December 9, 2010


With all the attention the little WikiLeaker has gotten lately, one additional consequence has been to shine a bit of a brighter light on the US Foreign Service and the State Department in general.

Some people in my particular (admittedly small-ish) circle of friends, family and acquaintances might be inclined to want the federal government to shrink, in all areas and at all costs. While there is no one (at least of whom I am aware) that does not think the debt or annual deficits are grossly bloated, those who would argue that federal employees who work as Foreign Service Officers should have their pay or benefits cut, or that the State Department should also be cut to the bone should read this post from a little blog called Four Globetrotters.

Gut-wrenching comes to mind. Grateful, too.

Thank you, FSOs who do such a remarkable, wonderful, mind-boggling job. Here's to you and all you do.

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